A brief update on Voxelwind

Throughout late July and for much of August, I have been making significant progress on Voxelwind. This is a brief update on the project itself.


Voxelwind has now gained chunk sending support, basic entity support and basic inventory support. At the moment, most work is directed towards preparing for the upcoming 0.16 update, however progress towards a complete implementation of MCPE is planned after the 0.16 update has been released.


Voxelwind gained some major support only a few days ago. On August 29th, we gained our first sponsor: The Hive. This helps us by giving the project the resources needed for the project to grow and help shape our first release.

Thanks to The Hive's support, we were able to acquire an Android tablet (to help us prepare for new MCPE releases by updating against the betas provided by Mojang) and a virtual server with Linode to run Jenkins, Discourse, Artifactory and other project services.


Voxelwind now has a small community of developers and users that is growing every day. We are looking forward to growing our community and releasing the first plugins and servers made with Voxelwind.

Our community is on Gitter and Discourse. Feel free to join us to help create a new generation of MCPE servers!