A small chunky bit

This is an amalgamation of unpublished thoughts, that I managed to save from the trash bin, and technically serves as something of a preclude to my Backend Diaries, from a player perspective. Everything in this post was written in October 2013.

Dynamic stats

Dynamic stats were supported until the Chunk^2 update or so removed all traces of dynamic stats. An published excerpt from October 2013 sums everything up:

Let me start: this was done on a rather slow note. I was doing some ChunkStats testing with MinerWare this morning. Dynamic statistics FTW!

Too bad it's now confined to a git repository.

Mineshooter rewrite

As unbelievable as it is, I launched an attempt to rewrite Mineshooter as well. This flopped for numerous reasons, but here's an excerpt from the time:

Anyway, back to Mineshooter. Today I started coding the Infected game mode. What's more fun, is that now infected players turn into zombies :) The game isn't going to fully work yet, it is going to rather complex and take some time before it's complete.

Remembered, but already decomposing: MinerWare modifiers

Finally, something I know very well, but didn't quite escape the bin: a post about MinerWare modifiers.

I'll be expanding on this later.