Backend diaries from The Chunk

Just yesterday (April 13th), The Chunk exceeded 1,500 players for the first time, primarily fuelled by the critical acclaim that Ironfall has had (from reddit to Kotaku to PC Gamer!) That was both reason to celebrate and dread, as the stage is now set for our next ambitious expansion, one bigger than our last major launch.

Over the next few weeks (or months), I will be giving a more-or-less complete summary of where we stood at various points in time. From August 2013, when we got on the map, to our plans for expansion, we have had a rough, yet fun, ride.

It's also true that this is also some filler, but not really ;) I was busy throughout March and Heartbleed happened to affect me (it is thankful that I do use separate passwords for everything). But a Debian update to glibc broke, and I decided to lay the poor VPS to rest. I have a replacement VPS, so don't fret. ;)