Biting you in the ass: Spigot 1.7.2 protocol "update"

I'm sure that md_5 rushed to get it out, and I accept that "proper" 1.7 Bukkit/Spigot will come out and it'll be less rushed. But it's got 2 issues that really bug us right now. Both can be fixed, however:

  • ServerListPingEvent does not work. This can be fixed by using some reflection or compiling against the server binary and calling MinecraftServer.setMotd().
  • (Async)PlayerPreLoginEvent does not work. This can be fixed by firing tasks that are longer-lived as async tasks and dealing with the results from there. If you need to get the data from it so you can cancel the login, you must do it synchronously, unfortunately.

Just more of the gotchas we're finding.