Terse commentary on the U.S. Presidential Election candidates

My blog is dusty, so I want to tackle politics. I'll have something more interesting soon.

Edit 2/8: Reflects an evolution in my beliefs.

Major Democratic candidates

Bernie Sanders

The only candidate whom I feel best fits within "The American Dream". Has plenty of faults, however. Would be probably be a Clinton on foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton

Can't possibly be a centrist. Essentially Obama with a new face. I would still vote for them, but would stay very wary.

Some of the Republican candidates

Donald Trump

Fringe far-right candidate who is especially good at being an attention whore.

Jeb Bush

Daddy broke America. On the other hand, corporate America loves you.

Ben Carson

Neurosurgeons love him, as he serves as a good example that even they can go off the deep end.

Ted Cruz

At least he is fine with NASA exploring space. That's all.