Much of my work is "behind the scenes". Here's a few notable projects.


Thimble is a Minecraft minigame on The Chunk. I was responsible for coding much of the logic for it.

Video (old)


RedisBungee is a BungeeCord plugin that (to the reasonable extent that a plugin can do) synchronizes data between BungeeCord instances.



MinerWare is a Minecraft minigame that emulates the style and game play of the WarioWare series from Nintendo (which I have never played). The project was originally coded by Sam Bloomberg, and I am now the current maintainer. I am responsible for the microgames Break the Torch, Cow Punching, Farming, Fist Fight, Hot Potato, Infected, Keep Moving, Magic Block, Name the Item, Shear the Sheep, Tag, and the boss microgame Paint the Floor.

Video (old)