RedisBungee is now a Premium Resource

tl;dr: Get RedisBungee here!

RedisBungee is now a premium resource. With my interest in Minecraft having tapered off significantly, I am forced into the unsettling prospect of making RedisBungee a premium plugin so I can ensure that it continues to be updated.

RedisBungee will remain open source, but under some terms:

  • You may not redistribute the RedisBungee JAR (either from SpigotMC or builds from the GitHub repository). All builds are for your private use only.
  • You should not expect support or official builds if you are not willing to pay for RedisBungee. RedisBungee has been developed almost solely by me for a little more than two years and in all that time, I've gotten very little compensation from it.

RedisBungee is going to be priced at $12.50, which I feel is a fair price considering that if you're using RedisBungee, you probably make more than $12.50, and this is merely a one-time price with unlimited proxies.

I hope you understand why I have to do this. You can download RedisBungee from here from now on.