Suggested BuzzFeed headlines for the 2016 election

Yes, I'm bored. Yes, my blog is dry. Yes, I still support Bernie Sanders, so there's going to be some bias in here.

  • 13 Reasons Why You Should See Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speeches (#3 Will Shock You!)
  • 8 Amazing Pictures of Donald Trump's Wife Doing Something Amazing
  • 5 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Donate To Doctors Without Borders
  • 20 Gaffes That Lincoln Chafee Made On The Campaign Trail
  • 12 Racist and Sexist Hillary Clinton Supporters (You Won't Believe Who #1 Is!)
  • 9 Reasons Why Donald Trump May Be More Liberal Than Ted Cruz
  • 22 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is Like Your Grandfather
  • 31 Amazing Pictures Of Burlington, Vermont Landmarks Bernie Sanders Built
  • 7 Reasons Why Jim Webb Failed To Interest Voters
  • 11 Surreal Pictures of Jill Stein Enjoying Nature
  • 6 Strange Reasons Why Libertarians Are Still Running For President
  • 19 Examples Of How Republican Tax Cuts Will Affect People Like You
  • 16 Road Signs That Might Be Erected If Lincoln Chafee Became President (okay, this one is really for Cracked)
  • 3 Reasons Why Lawrence Lessig Couldn't Get Noticed On The Warpath
  • 6 Potential Movies Starring Ted Cruz And Carly Fiorina (okay, this one is for Cracked too, but I'll suggest one: a movie about oil rigs blowing out because an HP laptop failed)
  • 12 Reasons Why Ben Carson Will Give Donald Trump A Lobotomy
  • 15 Reasons Why Colorado Wants Universal Health Care And Bernie Sanders As President
  • 8 Amazing Decoration Selections Hillary Clinton Has Planned For The White House