The Chunk Diaries: TowerDefense and RazorMine

Six months after the last Chunk Diaries ought to be a perfect time to write about The Chunk's past, so let's get to it. In this post, I'm going to be be talking about a staff member of The Chunk (who is still at CubeCraft to this day), his former server, and how TowerDefense ended up on The Chunk. However, this post is going to be brief. This is more to whet your appetite in order to write a longer post on the Month of Summer Fun and the last few months of The Chunk before the CubeCraft merger.


We start in October 2014 (around the time of Chunk^3's release, which I will talk more about later). It begins with a thread on SpigotMC, which I recommend reading in full detail as it talks about RazorMine better than I could by myself.

There were four games on this server: a Pac-Man clone, Tower Defense, Boat Race and Zombie Hunt. Mac, vemacs, and I played Tower Defense, and I played Pac-Man. We were very interested, and we contacted him with an offer: we'll give you a much larger audience, with better server infrastructure if you develop Tower Defense for The Chunk. He agreed to this offer and shut down RazorMine some time later.

Tower Defense

The game was steadily worked on between November 2014 and February 2015, when Sam, toropov and I had to quickly hammer out issues with the server and perform a hurried release. We eventually ran into a memory leak which was so bad that our dual-processor 12-core Intel Xeon servers were running at 100% from the load of Tower Defense and we had to launch cloud servers with Vultr for a time to meet the load. The Chunk consistently peaked at around 1,000 players at this time.

Tower Defense became even more popular once we added a competitive team mode a month later. This time, we were better prepared to handle the load, although we still used manual provisioning (PlayPen was not deployed until late May, which would have alleviated these issues).